Puch mag rims: Interchangeability?

Still hunting answers to these questions:

Regarding Puch mag rims, whichever style (star or Grimeca), are the brake plates interchangeable from one style to other? What about the shoes? Can the brake linings be removed from the aluminum rims and replaced? Or do you just toss the rim and spend $$$$ on new ones? Too much conflicting opionion on this so far.

Re: Puch mag rims: Interchangeability?

Do you own and so can measure both wheel and brake types?

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A. J. Souza /

I own spoked rims as well as the mentioned incomplete Grimecas. What I am positive about is that the spoked rim brake plates are absolutely too narrow in diameter to fit Grimecas. Found that when rusted out spoke rim transfer attempt to Grimecas was not even close. I forget the diameter difference, just that it was more that a couple mm, if I recall correctly.

Also, for joew, tried to email thanks for previous help but came back returned, so officially thanks for ball bearings question answered earlier.

Re: Puch mag rims: Interchangeability?

I thought the problem was with mags.. you mention spokes.

I guess you mean one wheel's hub spoke-hole circle is smaller than another's, and so the spokes are not interchangable. You can no doubt buy spokes of the correct length(s) if you can calculate what the length(s) need to be. (Many wheels have different length spokes on either side of the wheel because the tire rim must be centered.)

There are calculators on the net but it requires more than a little bit of measuring and math skills

As far as relining an aluminum wheel with a new brake drum, i don't know for sure but i don't see why not.. It may need to be press-fit or something.. talk to a automotive or motorcycle machine shop.. probably be more expensive than a new wheel.

At first I was wondering if you had mag rims and brakes from another mag rim and wanted to know if they were interchangable. As far as i know, if one brake fits into the other wheel and things like axle holes are the same size, widths of the pads are close, etc, it should work fine. A manufacturer tends to use many of the same (or interchangable) parts on different bikes just to keep manufacturing costs down.

i somehow survive without using email.. the addy is phony.

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A. J. Souza /

Well, I guess I should be clearer. The facts that I know are that the old Leleu spoked rims that I had on my original bike have a smaller OD for the brake plate than the criss-cross Grimeca manufactured rims and,because of that, it does NOT fit the Grimeca. The two questions I really wanted answers for were whether the Star mag rims had the same OD for the brake plates as the criss-cross Grimecas and if the brake linings for the two styles were identical and replaceable. The problem was that, originally, I was completely unaware that there WERE three styles of Puch rims in the 70-80s. Once I discovered that, it became a question of whether the rims I had were salvageable and if so, how. The new replacement Star mags are $220/set--WITHOUT THE GUTS OR BRAKE PLATES! The problem is that they don't offer the brake plates to fit (they suggest transferring from your existing mag rims). The problem is that I don't HAVE those parts and haven't been able to find anyone who has them or can answer the questions raised above.

Sorry if this is verbose, but I have been seeking an answer for months now and still haven't got anything truly definitive.

Re: Puch mag rims: Interchangeability?

You know what you're doing and i can't help you further. when this is over you will know more about it than anyone .. you could write a little thing for the resources section: The Ins and Outs of Puch Wheels

$220 and no brakes? imo, it's time to hit the junkyards and find some spare parts.

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I know this is a little out of date, but figured a reinvigoration was needed.I just bought 5 star mag. wheels and didn't want to spend the $220 on new ones the 5 stars are also known as leuleu or at least the hubs are.

The stars use the same brake plate and shoes as the leuleu spoke rims.The hubs are removeble from the stars by removing the screws holding the hub to the wheel and new hubs could be bought at 50ccnl.

The front bearings/axle on mine are 11mm cone and cup loose ball bearing type which need their bearings replaced.What i'm going to do is compare and measure the cones ,cups and ball bearings from both the spoked and star rims to see if they are the same I believe they are. I'll let everyone know here soon.Thanks.Jim

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Jim I responded to your post on MRA

They sell the ball bearings at Cambridge bicycle on Mass Ave. near MIT.

I found a place in Somerville that sells awesome sealed Rear bearings for 13.99 each (see pic)

I redid my 5 stars and I couldn't believe the improvement in the overall ride.. it's like a new moped!

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The 5star and the wire spoke rim brake parts etc should be the same.

Both rims are made by Leuleu.

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A. J. Souza /

For Jim, particularly: Was surprised to see my query from last year so recently viewed. More ironically, I had just been checking on some data about Puch rims this morning, so I can maybe make your life easier.

First, brake plates for 5 star mags and spoked Puch rims are the same 80 mm drum diameter. Grimecas have diferent brake plate (90 mm). Same for the brake pads.

Second, ball bearings: Spoke has 13 x 3/16" per side, rear with 12mm axle and cone and 11 x 7/32" per side front with 11mm axle and cone. THIS REFERS TO PRE-1980 SPOKE RIMS. From 1980-on, spoked rims had 12mm cone for rear and bearing 6001RS. FRONT SPOKED RIMS REMAINED SAME AS EARLIER.

5-star mags: Same bearing 6001RS and 12mm axle for rear. Front had 11 mm cone and 13 x 3/16" bearings each side. These rims came out after 1980.

Grimeca/criss-cross/snowflake rims: Front 11 mm cone and axle, 10 x 1/4" ball bearings per side. Rear 11 mm cone and axle, 11 x 7/32" ball bearings per side.

After all my research. Does that make life easier?

Hope so.

Re: Puch mag rims: Interchangeability?

A. J. Souza /

One more thing I have been meaning to ask and might as well now: Way back when, I asked if these rims (any of them, but in particular the criss-cross Grimecas) could have their brakes relined. I am aware that the 5 stars can have new hubs installed and the spoked rims can have newly spoked hubs installed, both avaiable from Europe. Recently, someone one the site was discussing their linings and that they COULD be redone. Someone above suggested an auto or motorcycle machine shop.

But has anyone actually done this? Can it be done at home or is there specialized technique and tools involved? Still wondering about that.

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Well some of it but the thing I realy need to know is is the front 11mm cones and races the same for the 5 star and spoke rims?

I know that later 5 star mags used all sealed bearings front and rear with 12mm axels ,but the front 5 star mag. I have uses an 11mm axle and cones and cups with loose balls.

BTW I have determined that the 5 star Mags.,Grimeca Mags. and the spoke rear wheels use the same pedal chain free wheel sproket part Number 349. .HTH.jim

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Francisco Samayoa /

Are this 5 star mags? and Can I put these kind of mags in my Puch Maxiluxe 1980 1 speed? see my profile


Thank you

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No definately not!

I'm gonna put them on my 1977 Newport LOL

I've been watching them for a few hours...

We can forget about buying them now... if you broacast an eBay auction like that to all the lazy ass dudes on this site who don't bother to do their own searchs then you can expect a zillion bids from eBay morons who read this website with a bidder history of like 1 who will just sit there and drive the price up into the stratosphere!!!

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I got mine for 42 bucks each He..He...LOL.Only because nobody realized that their was a buy it now price on it.And that the seller sold them one at a time over a few days I found his bike breakers website which had the bike listed for parts with the same pic. on ebay all the parts were present on the bike so I took a chance and bought the one real fast hoping no one would want just one then I swopped in for the second one which also had the buy it now for $42.00 Clip.......Jim

p.s. I just got the freewheel sproket off and hub removed from the front one almost ready for powdercoating what do you think if i have the hub/brake plates powdered Red with an alomst chrome wheel more like a dull stainless powder?

Yeah you can't advertise things that are much wanted buy people do your research and be ready when they come up!!

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I re read that listing on eBay again this morning and noticed that one of those rims is BENT so it's a good auction to steer clear of!

If you are patient they come up chep from time to time... I got my last set of snowflake mags to replace the spoked wheels on my Newport for salty and sandy winter riding for under 20 bucks :P

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