QT-50 or other japped-Kickstart problem


my kickstart is geting fussy on the QT-50. you have to be very sure it's engaged or it just kicks 'empty' and doesn't engage at all. Sometimes I think it's like when a starter on a car has a few good spots and it'll take a lot of tries...

but.. it seems more like you need to 'ratchet' the kickstart just a touch until you can feel resistance and then kick easy. It's not a big deal in the warm but when you're kicking a cold bike.. it's hard to be easy and patient.

I hope this is enough to get some advice rolling. If not, I can post more. It's really important because until I redo the puches the QT's are my dual flagships, very sharp. I've heard the spring coil in a QT or honda express is a real buggar to replace.

Anyone? thanks so much


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