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Hello All,

I am starting to restore a trac moped. But before I tear it apart I'll need replacement gaskets. Can I make my own if I can't find new ones. Any other recommendations for trac restoration would be great, especially clutch/belt/pushplate stuff.

Thanks Karl

Re: trac restoration

gaskets can be made if you have the skill.. material is available at auto parts stores.. If you are gonna open the gearbox (if it has one) those larger, thinner gaskets are a little more difficult to cut.. And one thing to keep in mind is gearbox gasket thicknesses are important since gear/shaft/engine case clearances are probably involved.

I never heard the term pushplate before. Belts are belts if the width and length is the close to the same.. new clutches might be difficult to find, depending.

Do you have a manual for this bike yet?

Re: trac restoration

Push plate is what the mechanic called the little circle part that goes over the belt were the clutch is pulled in. But your right belts are belts. I guess my real question is. Has anyone ever restored a Trac Sprint. The engine seem to be limited as to what I can restore. I really want to improve horse power any suggestions

Re: trac restoration

Trac motors are identical to the Batavus Laura M56 motors. Many parts are available at


Many people have e-mailed me about the laura m56 engine. Unfortunatley I don't have all the answers. Infact I have more quesions. I ask anyone who stumbles across this post, who has any knowledge of the m56 to please post anything they know

Re: m56

Don Pflueger /

ive worked on them. they are no different than any other ped engine, just harder to find parts for.

Re: trac restoration

what make/model is this trac ... also do you have any pics??? I have a trac moped so I am just lookin at others....

Pics of Tracs

Here are some pics of the Trac mopeds I am working on. I want to thank everyone who has replied. I was able to find some parts through the sites that were recomended. So far this site has been very helpful.

Thanks again



check these pics

Any suggestions

Re: m56

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