79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Kieran Geary /

Acquired a 1979 Columbia (looks like the one in the attached pic… )

1. How do I tell the Solo engine from the Sachs engine?

The head is canted up at an angle, is that the Solo?

2. What spark plug type/brand should I use?

3. Where is crank case oil drain plug? What should I use in crankcase?

4. How is Magneto cover removed? (wasn’t imeadiately intuitive)

I’m sort of a newbie. This is the second ped I’ve worked on and is cosmetically different than my Puch. The Columbia is complete, but has sat for quite some time. My plan includes cleaning out the carburator, gastank, petcock, air filter. That stuff I feel like I understand. I’m worried about the electrical side though, as I’ve never really messed with that. Wiring looks complete, but needs new switches. Is there a better way to check that out than doing everything else I know how to do, and hoping for the best?


Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Iiiiiiiii Died /

go to the photo gallery and look

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Kieran Geary /

Thanx Jake I did that. I have a picture attached to the original post. I understand that Columbia made mopeds with both types of engine. I think mine is the Solo, but was looking for confirmation.

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?


Try there..

look through some similar bike manuals and maybe get lucky and find a manual that will be helpful.

I see at the bottom a manual for a General with Sachs motor. Those bikes have a horizontal head as you can see in the photos section.

Sometimes the best you can do is hunt around and use what snippets of info are available. Generally all these little bikes are like different puppies from the same litter..

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Steve Murphy /

It's a Solo.

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

don't the solos operat on a variator mechanism like a motobecane, and it should have a pan exhuast on it,

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Dave Peterson /

I have the exact same moped and it has the Solo motor. I have owned it many years and hope to try to get it running this spring. I have found some parts on ebay. I have also bought parts from Bob in Findlay,OH. He bought out the Columbia factory and had many parts. Try Bobsmarinesale@aol.com

Re: 79 Columbia Sachs or Solo?

Kieran Geary /

Thanks All. I did get with Bob in Ohio, and was able to purchase an apropriate manual from him.

Thanks All

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