Jeff Strahle /


My moped will start just fine, but then sometimes it will die and it won't start again unless i let it sit over night. also, when i checked the spark, it would only spark sometimes. Is this the spark plug or the timing?


Re: Timing?

See Ya Moped Army /

Could be a bad condensor.

Re: Timing?

Don Pflueger /

yep. if it has no spark it is most likely a bad condensor, dirty or misadjusted points, or moisture in the flywheel area. another thing you might want to try when it dies is to loosen your gas cap. the vent may be plugged up. if it starts right back up after you loosen the cap, then the vent is definetly plugged.

Re: Timing?

it could be a condensor or a coil. thats' why my old tomos used to do.

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