Vaccum leaks

Anyone know how i obtained these vaccum leaks on my tomos targa lx with an A35 engine? And how are they fixed? i have them in all the following places, The leaks are at the Intake manifold to reedvalve, oil injection attachement at manifold, carburetor mounting sleeve and cylinder base gasket.

thanx guys

& girls

Re: Vaccum leaks

Gaskets get old, dry out and shrink and get brittle and crack.. Use new gaskets or, depending on their condition, coat the old ones with Permatex 2 non-hardening gasket sealant.

Don't guess about how tight nuts and bolts are. Use a torque wrench where applicable. Clean all threads including threaded holes and use a drop of oil on them.

As far as the carb mounting sleeve, i dont know exactly what that is because i dont have your bike... but if it's a rubber sleeve and it is no longer a tight fit get a new one (or use some bailing wire-chewing gum-duct tape solution to make it snug and air tight.)

Re: Vaccum leaks

Don Pflueger /

tighten the loose bolts to the proper torque.

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