Tomos tail light

Jeff Strahle /

Hey guys,

I'm having trouble with a 1991 tomos golden bullet ttlx. Heres the problem:

When the lights are off and i pull the brake lever, the brake light comes on fine. However, when i turn the lights on, the tail light comes on, but when i hit the brake lever, the brake light doesn't come on.

Any help on this please?


Re: Tomos tail light

Eletrics are tricky. Try this. Look at the wires for the tail light that go inside the rear fender. Sometimes the wires sagg down and rub against the tire and can become frayed. Look for frayed wires there that are shorting out. With a bit of luck the problem will become obvious and easy to fix.

Re: Tomos tail light

I was playing with various things about my tail/brake lights (experimenting with LED replacement bulbs) when i had the same problem. I discovered by accident that the brake light did come on even with the headlight on, but it was very dim. I imagine the headlight drew a lot of current and it was competing for brake-light current..

The brake light got slightly brighter when i revved up the motor.

Before trying to fix things, it would help to know if the brake light socket is getting any power or that it is completely dead. Dead means a wiring, connection or switch problem. Faint light but some power means something else.. but i admit i'm not exactly sure what it could mean.. Is your headlight a higher wattage replacement or original equipment?

Re: Tomos tail light

Don Pflueger /

make sure you dont have one 12 volt bulb in the brake light socket and one 6 volt bulb in the tail light socket. current will travel thru the path of least resistance which would be the 6 volt bulb. also make sure the wattage is correct.

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