Suzuki FA50 carb clean

Im having a problem trying to start my FA50. Im going to try to clean the carburetor. Is there anything I need to keep in mind (as I have never done it)?

The engine kicks oven and there is spark. Fuel is getting to the carb, but it may not be getting into the cyclinder. The muffler is clogged with oil so I just try to kick it over without the muffler.

Thanks for you help!

Re: Suzuki FA50 carb clean

it's impossible to picture what kinda overall condition the bike is in.. the exhaust is so stuffed up you are trying to start with it diconnected, so the condition is probably bad.

Are the head bolts loose also, and so you have about zero compression? Is the exhaust port on the cylinder blocked with carbon?

Fuel, compression and a spark are required to start and run.

Spray some Starter Fluid into the airfilter or carb. If you do have compression and spark, the bike will run for a moment. Now you know for sure all you need is fuel.

Where exactly is the fuel flow problem? Perhaps it's a dirty carb but you may be out of gas for all i know.. Or maybe the choke is not operating. (Starting requires a very rich mixture. Without a choke, this might not be able to happen.)

If bolts and nuts are loose .. if cables are not adjusted properly.. if .. well.. there's a lot of ifs besides 'if the carb is dirty" that can cause no-start.

Keep in touch.

Re: Suzuki FA50 carb clean

Thanks for the reply.

You are right, there are a lot of possibilities. As far as compression goes, I figure there is some compression because when I have the exhaust on, the engine is impossible to turn over, since the exhaust is closed. When I take it off, the cylinder turns over, but doesnt fire.

I know fuel is going INTO the carburetor because I took the fuel line coming out of the petcock into the carburetor off and gas squirted out. However, the fuel may be getting stopped up somewhere between the carbs fuel inlet and the inlet valve to the engine.

The choke is the final question. Ive checked that cable for problems, but cannot see any at any point. Ive tried spraying starter fluid straight into the carb, but nothin.

Thanks again.

Re: Suzuki FA50 carb clean

when I have the exhaust on, the engine is impossible to turn over? Do you mean impossible? Do you mean the engine cannot be forced to turn a complete revolution if the exhaust pipe is bolted on?

That makes me think something weird is going on, like the cylinder is cracked and when you bolt up the exhaust, the cylinder gets twisted and the piston cannot move.

Starter Fluid is pure gaseous ether. Choke or no choke, if that stuff doesn't pop you either don't have a spark or ... or something very much out of the ordinary is happening.

Push the spark plug wire's boot over a new plug. Clamp that plug's metal base to the fins on the head or on the cylinder. Kick the engine over and watch the electrodes of the plug for a series of fat blue sparks..

Wahoo! Got it going! ...New problems though

I finally got it started! Wahoo! Turns out it was the gummed up muffler, the engine exhaust had no where to go. However, its loud as hell and I dont know how to clean a muffler, if at all.

I have heard of "BBQing" a muffler, but never actually heard of someone doing it successfully. Is there any way I can clean out the exhaust to get my baby breathing again?


Re: Wahoo! Got it going! ...New problems though

All that carbon must be heated red hot before it burns (and becomes carbon dioxide) .. in other words the pipe has to get red hot. Red hot thin metal is fragile and will dent easily. The thin metal also might "burn". Well.. actually it will oxidize very rapidly and something like a rust hole will get larger fast. A weak seam might split open. So. the pipe is gonna carry the scars of the burnout. How about the chrome? Probably be gone when you're done.

In the meantime a ton of 2-stroke oil and fuel, soaked into the carbon, is burning and smoking like hell. Don't do this in the garage of mom's house especially if you are old enough for her to kick out onto the street.

Another way is to mechanically clean what you can. This might require cutting the thing open in certain spots. Stick wires in there and poke around in the dark for a day or so.

Before you do anything, examine the pipe closely. Look for a way to disassemble it. Perhaps its a nice well made pipe and they prepared it for an eventual cleaning.. might be a hidden screw or some trick to open it up.

Also keep in mind that some small baffle tubes could be in there. These might be tiny and easily clogged up with carbon. If you find such a thing all you have to do is unplug that one small tube to get the bike running.

Re: Wahoo! Got it going! ...New problems though

I did a sagital cut, the full length, of mine about one inch off center, just enough to clear the head pipe. Had to see what was in there and how it was constructed. And, by the way, I was making a new pipe anyway! There is a baffle about 2" from the tail end of the muffler and another about 3" from the front end. If you know someone with a TIG welder, you can cut the thing apart, clean it out, and then stitch it up again. Or you can do what I did and buy a cheap aftermarket expansion chamber and weld the stock headpipe on it at the right place and you'll have a brand new system!

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