Moby loses power

Steve Hosegrove /


I have a mobylette sp93 that runs fine for about 5 mins then begins to lose power until it can only run on the flat or downhill.

I do not think it is seizing, I run 20:1 oil mix and the weather is fairly cold here in the UK.

Any Ideas.

Re: Moby loses power

well.. not a lot of clues.. If you're sure the engine is not getting too hot, it's gotta be something like fuel starvation.

I suppose some electriccal component could be overheating and semi-failing but thats a little unlikely.

5 minutes doesn't say much. 5 minutes of top-speed driving or low speed driving. Or is it always about 5 minutes regardless? If you shut down and let the bike sit for a few minutes does it return to normal?

It won't hurt to check the entire fuel path from the gas cap on the tank all the way to the carburetor bowl and assure everything is free-flowing and clean.

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