Motobecane 7 wont start

Ralph Dickenson /

My motobecane 7 will not start and it is sucking the life out of me. I put in a new spark plug, that didnt change anything. I cleaned the fuel line and the carb, still didnt do anything. What left is there to do? Is anyone familiar with fixing this bike? I pedal it and then the engine sounds like it is about to start, but never starts. You can smell a little gas and exhaust, but it never turns over. Any ideas? Thanks

Re: Motobecane 7 wont start

See Ya Moped Army /

Does it have spark?

Re: Motobecane 7 wont start

yea does it have spark? take the spark plug out and check it by placing it on the block of the motor and turn the engine over and see if u see a blue spark the spark plug wire should be on to proform this test if no spak check the coil restance and make sure the point's or what ever type of ignition system works.

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