Pissy Petcock

I've got a petcock that won't do its thing. gas keeps flowing whatever the setting. I took it apart and the rubber piece inside is pretty well chewed up. The petcock is a Jivoc unit on my Jawa - I'm going to call West Coast to see if they have the rubber piece but I'm not optimistic.

Are petcocks a standard size? Will any petcock work with any tank?

Re: Pissy Petcock

measure the threads where it screws into the tank, probably metric, just about any valve will work.

You may want to check/clean the carb bowl for rubber bits that came from the damaged petcock.


they make an inline plastic on-off valve that can be had at most mower shops, if your gas line is 3/16 or 1/4.


Re: Pissy Petcock

Don Pflueger /

someone else on here had a bad jawa petcock. i told them to go to a honda lawn mower repair shop and get the rubber seal for the fuel valve on a honda hr214 mower and it worked. i think all he had to do was drill a small hole in the center of the seal. the fuel valve on a honda hr214 is located on the carb.

Re: Pissy Petcock

no kidding.. i'm gonna remember that. I had a hell of a time with trying all sorts of rubber sheet and compounds trying to make a petcock seal.. nothing worked.. forget it.

If i had a suggestion about drilling a hole in that stuff it would be to punch a hole instead of using a drill. I made a punch for my stuff by sharpening the end of a length of small brass tube (hobby shops have brass tube). Nice clean hole..

Re: Pissy Petcock

Allen Murphy /

Put your sharpened brass tube in a drill or drill press and REALLY get a nice, clean hole!

That's how they make the holes in papers in a bindery, and do it 500 pages at a TIME!

Al Murphy

Re: Pissy Petcock

I got a fuel shut off valve at napa. it worked great, the thread was right, and it was like $6.

Re: Pissy Petcock

Kevin Powers /

Great input folks - thanks a lot! I've already taken the carb apart and cleaned it, and installed an in-line filter. By rights I should have etched and coated the tank, but I cheaped out by using the filter. I'm off to the Honda mower shop - or NAPA if that doesn't work.

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