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Look, I just bought this dinky little gas scooter just to have fun with, but this puppy only has a 22.5 engine. It is not a moped but I need a bigger engine. I was wondering if I would be able to slap a 43cc engine mount and engine on that puppy? Can anyone help


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Well To answer your Question, yes its possible to mount a 43 but you need to be a good mechanic to make it work...your best bet is to stick with the 22.5

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u can make motor mount's to support the engine and that u have a clutch for the 43 and make sure the chain or belt is straight

Re: Engine HELP

it would help us out if you told us what model/make this scooter you have is. of course anything is possible, but the level of difficulty is in question here.

Re: Engine HELP

Andy Kochvar /

I think it's just a GOPED. I have an unbrand name goped i got for 70$ new, 36cc, and the engine mounts same as a 43cc.

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Scott Hacker /

mike if your search 43cc gas scooters online you should be able to buy an engine mounting plate for 43, 46,or 49cc ,get the electric start option if you want to add it later it will cost you twice the price .engines- your chain will mount on the left side of the scooter if you are looking at the front of the scooter.try parts for scooters.com

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