puch gas tank repair

I have a 1977 puch maxi sport 2HP with the gas tank inside the frame. There is a leak in the gas tank at the seem between the tank and frame on the side wall where I can't get to it. Any ideas on how to fix such a problem

Re: puch gas tank repair

Get a new gas tank!!!!!

Re: puch gas tank repair

Aaron Franzen /

thanks mike much appreciated but the tank is the frame

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See Ya Moped Army /

He can't, he has a Maxi. FYI.....Before you reply to a question, make sure you know what you're talking about.

A Kreem kit might fill that hole if it's not too big.

Re: puch gas tank repair

James Foster /

Well, you could patch the frame up with some gas tank repair stuff, but not sure what good it would it would do. Or you could try welding over the bad spot, yet again I personally havn't had the prob. before. If you could post pic's of the spot where it's leaking, then we might be able to help you out better. :)


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Dan Danner /

Caswell make gas repair product also.

Re: puch gas tank repair

There are lots of ways to repair it.

Do you care about how the bike looks? If so, to what degree?

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Aaron Franzen /

Not so much, what do you have in mind?

Re: puch gas tank repair

Just trying to get an idea of what you need.. If you dont really care about how it looks it sorta follows you don't really care about doing a great job that will last forever.

Unless you crashed the bike and cracked the seam, rust is probably the cause of the leak.

All rust should be removed to stop future leaks, but a well done Kreem (motorcycle parts store) coating, assuming it's not a big hole as mopedlar says, will probably seal it, maybe for years. About $25 for the kit if i recall.

You say you can't "get to it" but if the entire crack can be seen and accessed from outside any epoxy patch compound can do it, perhaps with a fiberglass backing patch. (Dont use anything except epoxy .. no polyester.. epoxy is gasoline-inert) There are tank patch kits at auto parts stores. Or just rough up the surface and get something like JBWeld and pack thick globs of it in, filling the area.

If you can't do it this way because there are multiple or inaccessable holes / cracks or whatever, you can cut a small sheetmetal section out to gain access to the inside of the tank and do what needs to be done (Epoxy patch) Then solder (or epoxy?) that section back on. I would try the Kreem before going this route.

Be careful with heat in and around the tank.. It's best to leave welding fuel tanks to the pros.

Re: puch gas tank repair

you could possibly put in some type of liner or something, i really have no idea how this might work, but some type of high density polyethelyene liner. Those puch tanks are a bitch.

Re: puch gas tank repair

Williamjordan Fissel /

If you have the desire and the time you could disassemble it and send the frame/tank to a Renu shop who will repair it and give you a LIFETIME warranty against further leakage for around seventy bucks. This would be, by far, the most profesional and reliable way to go. To find a Renu Shop try:


I know this is a tremendous amount of work but really it is the only way to fix it so that you will never again have to worry about it again. For a little extra most of them will also powder coat it when they are finished. I had them repair my (swiss-cheese) Free Spirit tank when I restored it a few years ago and you would never know there was ever anything wrong with it.

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