need parts for vespa grande

Hi i just got a vespa grande from a friend and I need a few things for it.

the back weel is flat: is it easy to fix it myself and where can i get a new iner tube.

I dont have a battery for it, where can i buy one what kind does it take and can i find a owners manual for it so i can install it.

and do i need a helmet to ride this in new york?

anyone that could help me find some answers would be great.

thanks alot

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need parts for vespa grande

That bike will probably get registered in NY as a Class 'B' limited use motorcycle (Moped).

You will need a registration, insurance and a helmet.

NY State does not issue Titles for Mopeds.

Take a look here:


Re: need parts for vespa grande

Nathan Edwards /

What type of grande do you have? I know you can probabily get an inner tube from zippy. If you have a regular grande than you probabily dont have a battery. Instead, it runs when the bike starts up. Also, if you have a dead battery keep it in there when i runs or it could blow out the lights.

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