Fender need

I really need a fender for a puch ridge tail, i gues it's a special one. right now i can't ride because my tail light hooks on to the fender and no fender no tail light. anyone have one they can spare? here's a pic of the bike.

Re: Fender need

Michael Romano /

I have no clue where but that is a sweet PED!!!

Re: Fender need

Leon Swarmer /

Till you find one you could just add a ground wire from the light housing to the frame.

Re: Fender need

i'm not worried about the grounding. the light itself has nowhere to go. if you look closely you'll see a bungy cord doing double duty. 1, keeping seat cover on. 2, keeping tail light up. it's free hanging. it's grounded, but now that i have the new seat, it's got no home.

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