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does the spark plug effect the way the moped runs cause i got a tomos and like i was pulling out of a parking lot and it just shut off i tried everything and it didnt start so i pedaled about 2 miles home which was really hard and changed the plug then it started right up ....... i thouhght the spark plug just makes the engine turn over not keep it running

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Leon Swarmer /


The spark plug is vital to staring, running, running right and keeping everyone happy.

It fires every revolution of the engine. if it is dirty, fuel soaked, worn, burned or bent at the electrode you will have probs. That's why so many poblems are solved by new properly gapped plugs designed to be used in a particular ped. Timing of the spark is vital, too.

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Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

You should always carry a properly gapped plug and wrench with you.

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I carry 2 spare (New) plugs and a Used but good loaner. A plug wrench 10mm wrench pair of mini visegrips multitool and an old sock. The sock is used for a rag.

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Well, that's cool -

You can put all the parts and tools in the sock!

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Ben Van Zoest /

What you did not say is how many miles on the plug, is the plug fouling because of other reasons. A properly tuned engine and correct fuel mix a spark plug should easily last thousands of miles.

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Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Bernard, you are so right, my point was install the spare plug, ride home and then diagnose the cause of the plug fouling.

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to do a plug chop do you take the spark plug out or just pull the cover off and look at the tip

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plug chop:

Install a brand new plug. (Put the old plug in your pocket and bring a spark plug wrench.)

Warm up the bike a little.

Find a safe stretch of road about a mile long.

Bring the bike up to speed and maintain a _steady speed_ for about half a mile.

Kill the engine at that speed and coast to stop. Do not slow to a stop with the engine running or the plug-test is meaningless.

Pull the new plug out and reinsert your old spark plug and drive home.

Examine the new plug under a powerful magnifier..

If done carefully and the plug's condition is interpreted correctly, you will get a snapshot picture of engine conditions at the particular speed you chose.

Always use a new plug everytime. Photos of plugs and what the different insulator colors mean and what the different conditions of the electrodes mean are easily found on the net..

If you need more info, just ask.

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