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hello, i was wondering if on a 78 puch maxi-luxe if i could weld a stripped pedal onto the crank arm.

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Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i would think you can do this but why? you can get replacement pedals for pretty cheap. whats more if you wanted to change the pedals later it would be a problem, or what if you bend the pedal arm. i think it would be in your best intrest to just buy a new pedal or set of pedals. if you watch ebay you can get a set of primo tenderizers for like $15. stock pedals can be found for even cheaper. good luck with whatever you do to fix the problem.

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See Ya Moped Army /

I agree. Unless the threads on the crank arm are stripped, I would replace the pedal.

Re: puch pedal

the threads on the crank arm are stripped

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well there are a couple of things you can do.

1. you could try to retap the pedal crank

2. you could drill it out and put a helicoil in

3. if it's the side of the puch pedal crank that is just the arm, and not the entire shaft and sprocket assembly, just replace the crank arm also.

4. if none of these apply, and it's the side with the pedal shaft, then you'd have to pay around 50 dollars for a new one, so I'd say go ahead with the welding.

Re: puch pedal

Why not just try a Buy/Sell request and see what comes of it? Might be less work than welding the sucker.

Re: puch pedal

whichever way you go it should be strong and reliable. The pedals are also your foot rests. There's been more than one story in here about someone's pedal or crank or crank pin suddenly snapping off around a turn and their foot hits the ground and.. i hope your nurse is young and pretty.

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