what is wrong with my Zundapp???

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Re: what is wrong with my Zundapp???

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It may appear there is good spark--- but it's not strong enough. Make sure all wire connections are good, and TEST to see if the correct voltage is coming through. SOunds like it's not.

Re: what is wrong with my Zundapp???

to make sure you have fuel, turn it over a couple times and check the spark plug to see if it's wet or not

Re: what is wrong with my Zundapp???

you dont say if you just got the bike and this is a new problem.. or if you never have managed to get the bike running.

It sounds like a carb problem. Don't try raw gas through the plug hole because theres a good chance it's already flooded and the plug immediately fouls again. Anyway, liquid gasoline in the cylinder is not what the spark plug wants to see.. it wants it vaporized.

If you actually have spark and compression, spray some genuine Starter Fluid (ether in a can.. auto parts store) into the air cleaner intake or directly into the carburetor. Turn it over and the engine will at least 'pop' and will likely run for a few moments.

If it turns over you do have a carb problem. It's not delivering fuel for some reason.

First thing is clean the carb and fuel lines.. while also making sure the throttle cable actually works and the choke/cable is working properly, etc, etc, etc.

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