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I picked up a Tomos Targa today for free, and I got everything on it running except I don't have any spark. That's because the CDI wasn't hooked up properly. I took it off from what they had it connected with. There's a plug, which obviously goes to the male plug, and then there's a wire w/ an "O" clip on it and a stripped wire, they're both of the color brown, and I have no idea which wire goes where. Please help, if you need a pic just ask, I'll be more then happy to go out and take a picture for ya.

Thank you,


Re: Tomos CDI Help

brown wire is your ground, at least it is on a puch

the "O" clip should go under a bolt or screw and sit on bare metal

not paint

Re: Tomos CDI Help

Don Pflueger /

yep, the brown wires are ground. one needs to go to the frame, the other to the wire harness from the tail light i believe. tomos runs their ignition systems thru the tail light so make sure your bulbs are good.

Re: Tomos CDI Help

Thank you very much for the posts, I'll try that and see what happens.


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