i want to get a paint job think i should spray paint and then gloss it or get it proffesionaly done and if i should do that were do i get it done at

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Just do it yourself. Strip your shit down, sand it alittle, rub it down with mineral spirits, and your ready to go. Use a quality primer though...that is the key. Then paint it with some quality rust free paint, matte or gloss. You don't need no pro yo. If you mail me your ped though I'll do it for a thousand dollars.

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i want to have mine done at a shop. so to prep the bike you just have to sand it lightly? with what grit? how far down?

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Ben Van Zoest /

To do yourself buy a "how to paint' book and get professional tips. Unless you want a museum piece have it done at a auto body shop.

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if i do it myself am i going to spray paint it or like paint with a brush and if spray im supposed to spray paint it what kind of paint?

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Use spray cans if you can find them cheap. There's not a lot of paint in a spray can .. it's mostly propellant. You may need about 10 or 15 cans. Any kind of paint is OK. Laquer dries and hardens really fast and thats what i like. Enamel might require an hour between coats and overnight before its hard enough to touch and a week (or more) to fully cure.

Right now you have a shiny painted surface. This surface is dirty and smooth as glass and paint will not stick to it. You want it rough on a microscopic scale so something like #400 sand paper is coarse enough to rough-up the surface without showing visible scratches.

After roughing up the surface it must be perfectly clean. Use soap and water, dry it and then use clean rags and something like lacquer thinner or acetone as a final wash since these evaporate completely.

Use a "primer" paint as a first coat. Primer paint has 'open pores'. These little pores help grab the top-coat (normal) paint.

If you have rust, sand it all off. If you have paint chips, smooth out the edges of the chips with coarse sand paper, like 220 grit and then 320 grit and finally with the fine #400 wet/dry paper.. If you can see sand paper scratches before you paint, you will see them when the paint job is finished too.

You want a smooth, clean surface before you paint. Your paint will not cover any defects. The quality of the paint job is directly related to how well you prepare the surface.

This is gonna give you a decent paint job but you can do a professional looking job if you get a book and put a lot of effort into it.

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Yeah...what he said!

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Jason Luther /

ive always used rustoleum. actual rustolem is oil based at takes forever to dry. they make the 'metallic' and other variations which are lacqure based and dry much faster. when its all painted use the rustoleum clear enamle (lacqure based) as the top coat, it works just fine. its all in the prep, follow joes advice. and let the paint cure for at least 3 days before you start to assemble things. dont spent hundreds for a paint job.-jason

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