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Nathan Edwards /

Does anyone know where I can get the funny bolts that go on the side cover and middle panel? I also need a side reflector on the fork.


Re: Grande Parts Needed

Grande Question...what bike are you talking about?

Re: Grande Parts Needed

HA ha ha, wait...

Re: Grande Parts Needed

Nathan Edwards /
nato OP

1980 vespa grande. not the deluxe or super deluxe.

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I have the side cover and panels fasteners and the fork side reflector.

Please email me if you would like a quote.

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Bill -

Is the Grande rear wheel the same as a Bravo?

I was looking for a 30 MPH rear wheel drive gear assy.



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I have both (Bravo and Grande) Dave, but don't know if they are the 30 mph version. I'll have to check to see if there is a part number stamped on them.

I can also see if I can get one from Italy.

Is your ped a Grande or a Bravo?

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Thanks, Bil -

It's a Bravo.

I couldn't find a reference to different gears in the Service Manual, but I know you have a ton of books that I don't have.

If you don't have one, do you think that Angelo might?

Re: Grande Parts Needed

I will ask Angelo. I get several shipments a month from him.

Re: Grande Parts Needed

Thanks Bill -

I also need a brake light switch. It's the little plunger type

switch that threads into the the right side brake

lever bracket. I need the one that when the plunger is

released it lights the brake light.I need it

to be 'off' when the plunger is in, and 'on' when the

plunger is out - as you pull the RH brake lever.

(The brake lever rests against the pin and holds it in,

when you pull the brake, the lever moves away and lets

the pin out.)

I think they come in two thread sizes, and I'd want the smaller of the two.

PS - Do you still want that Bravo gas tank?

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