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I have a 1996 tomos targa. like when im switching into 2nd gear it kina vibrates alittle, but every so often it shakes excesivly all i got to do is let go of the throttle and then i can just take off again i was just wondering is that normal? also when my moped idle's it sounds really bad and like with my feet off the ground i move about 10mph and if i turn the idle any lower it will shut off is that bad to?

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hmm.. well, both things happen at low RPM so thats a clue.

At the moment it shifts, the higher gear forces the engine RPM to drop. If the engine is weak at those RPMs and can't cleanly pick up road speed, the transmission/clutch can vibrate while it tries to decide if it should get into high gear or stay in low gear..

Im going to guess that when you let off the throttle any extra fuel in the cylinder/intake/crankcase gets spit out the exhaust and at some point, for a moment, the perfect air/fuel mix is exists for that RPM. So, the engine has power and the bike can take off.

The other thing also involves low RPM. You have a rough idle and it has to be set very high just to keep the bike running.

So, i would think it's a low-RPM / idle problem and could be cured with a carburetor tuneup. Start with a perfectly clean carb, of course. Then get the engine good and hot and then readjust the idle. Make sure your carb's cables are adjusted properly, including the choke linkage.

i think that if you can cure the idle problem the shifting problem will disappear too.

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How do i clean the carb, and is it bad i have a low rpm? also when i was driving 2 nights ago i relized my head light was shinging into the sky so wen i got home i loosend the bults and tilted the light downward and tightend it "Didnt mess with the wires" and wen i tried to use the headlight it just wouldnt work then i made sure all the plugs were in and it still didnt work, what shpuld i do thanks


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What i meant to say is your bike seems to run badly at low RPM. The most likely reason is your carb or cables need adjustment or cleaning. There are other possibilities, like a fuel leak or something, but start by inspecting everything. You might not need to clean the carb if you discover some loose screw or bolt or a badly adjusted cable.

Cleaning the carb is normal maintainance. First get a manual so you know how to remove and replace the carb and how to adjust cables and stuff..

Also search this forum for

'carb carburetor cleaning tomos'

and read what people already said about it.

As far as the headlight, theres a reason it was pointed at the sky. ;-)

Maybe a wire got stretched and/or a connector came loose when that happened. Again, get the manual for that bike and study it and follow it. Things like how to remove, adjust and change headlight or bulbs and how to check/see if everything is OK will be in the manual.

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Sometimes I hit a bump and the crap in my float bowl gets shook up and instantly clogs my jet. Its a 4 minute road side carb cleaning that fixes it every time. Just take your carb of the manifold, flip it over (be ready for gas to run out), unscrew the two flatheads holding the black float bowl on the bottom of the carb off. Inside is the float and jet. The jet is the brass screw in the middle...take it out carefully. Stick a tiny peice of wire through the hole in the middle of the jet (roadside I use the frays at the end of my brake cable). Give it a couple dry lipped blows and reassemble. Simple as that.

That's just basic carb service...if that doesn't work do everything Joew said.

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John Joedicke /

Check your brown ground wire in the middle of the lite holder, it may be making poor contact.

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Timmy Southpark /

matt, i would get a new air cleaner and fuel filter! then clean your carb out real good, it shouldnt clogg up like that.

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True, It's cleaned out now and doesn't happen anymore.

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John Joedicke /

check your chain tension and proper oil level in trans/clutch to stop vibration to 2nd gear.

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