Los angeles area

Looking for someone in the Los angeles area who can repair my Yamaha QT50. Just needs carb and fuel line cleaning. I am in the La Crescenta, CA

Re: Los angeles area

I know someone in the LA area who can clean your carb, and fuel line....YOU!

Re: Los angeles area

Eric take your bike to Myron's Mopeds in Fullerton Shaun can clean what ever you want. thanks Raymond

Re: Los angeles area

Dave Adams! Your comment was not helpful but rather frustrating. I am legally blind and no not have the slightest bit of knowledge, or the time to repair my moped. That is why I requested help from this site, understand how it works? In the future, keep your negative comments to yourself.

Re: Los angeles area

keep your negative comments to yourself too.. Get some knowledge and find the time. Being crippled is a state of mind. Shame on you.

So much for tough love

I was not being negative, I was encouraging you to learn. It is not hard work to do, and there is always a ton of helpfull friendly people here. Use the forum search tool and you will find tons of info on carb cleaning. I am sorry you were offended.

Re: So much for tough love

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Dan, thanks for your positive repost to eric.

i WANT TO BUY Sears Free spirit

Hello is anybody out there?

I desperately want to purchase a moped, for travels

and funs.

Re: i WANT TO BUY Sears Free spirit

Leon Swarmer /


You could start your own thread on the buy/sell forum and tell folks where you are.


Re: i WANT TO BUY Sears Free spirit

i have to admit that that was a great exchange. i am intrigued.

Re: Los angeles area

If you can read the words i am writing you can clean you carb.

I obviously don't know the specifics of your situation but i am just gonna go ahead and ask the question we are all thinking. If you are legally blind should you be driving or riding anything?

cleaning your carb takes all of 2 minutes. check freds guide in the resource section.

Re: Los angeles area

i have seen plenty of carbs that gas was allowed to dry inside. it turns to white powder, and is quite difficult to get. let alone, if you can't even see.

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