carb remove and cleaning

I have a 1981 Notobecane Moby (50V) purchased in 1982 with only 805 miles. Has been sitting idle for at least 20 years. Gas tank rusty but have had cleaned. Replaced fuel valve and filter; spart plug. Does not fire (there is spart at the plug). Assume carb all gummed up. Any trick to remove carb, choke/throttle cables in order to clean the carb.

Re: carb remove and cleaning

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I'm no expert at moby carb's, but when it comes to cleaning them in general, I know some tips that might help. Ok first of all you might want to look into getting a manual for you're model so you know how to take the carb apart. Then once you get it apart, use some B-12 carb cleaner (use caution to not get too much on you're skin) and blast away at all of the passages, holes, throttle slide, etc. You might even consider letting the whole thing soak for awhile in some carb cleaner. just make sure it's dry, clean, and you have all of the pieces back where they need to be before you put it back on you're bike. After all that, then you can go through some general troubleshooting tips, but first get the carb clean. If you have any more questions, just ask me or anyone else here. :)

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Re: carb remove and cleaning

My moped was doing the same thing, i just took apart the carb completely and I found some junk plugging up the main jet. It runs fine now.

Good Luck

carb remove and cleaning

There are a couple of Service Manuals here:

carb remove and cleaning


Not sure if they are for your exact model, but they should be a decent general reference.

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