1987 Trac Olympic

My buddy has to fix his 1987 Trac Olympic. Does anyone have parts, or know where to get parts for this bike? Particularly an exhaust, center stand, and/or reed valves? On the repair end of things, it is really loud. Does anyone have any ideas on how to quiet it down in the event that I can't get my hands on a new muffler? thank.

Re: 1987 Trac Olympic

peter, i have a parts bike. 1987 trac liberty. it needs work on the tranny,and a throttle cable. starts, and runs ok, but doesn't move. clutches?????

exhaust, center stand, everything you need. i'm located in newyork, on long island. must pickup, best offer.

if interested, please email me.

Re: 1987 Trac Olympic

Peter Chudzik /

Do the parts of a Liberty fit an Olympic? I live in CT and I'd be able to get it after Dec 17th, but I'm at school right now. Let me run it by my friend who needs the parts and see what he's willing to pay. Thanks a lot, Paul.

Re: 1987 Trac Olympic

Don Pflueger /
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