motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfires

I'm not sure what happend!

I was riding home from school today, went around a corner and my enigine wouldnt reach top speed (id say about 2/3). I thought it might be my fuel running out and switched it to reserve. So for the rest of the ride home it would get fast and then slow over and over. This really confused me so when I got home, I cleaned out the carb, blew some air in the tank (to dislodge any obstructions), and tried again, nothing changed! As I tested, the engine will rev out with no load on the bike, and if their is load on the bike, like just standing on it holding it from moving foward, it will rev a little, pull a little, then backfire.

What do I do?

Re: motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfir

Did you try adding fuel to the tank? It does sound like it was running outta gas.. fuel swishing around in the tank and maybe bubbles of air getting sucked into the fuel line .. perhaps running with a low carburetor float level.

Since the reserve is rarely used, a lot of times the reserve setting doesn't deliver like the tank Main setting.. bunch of stuff collects in the reserve fuel pathways and fuel just barely trickles out of it.

Try this first. Remove the fuel line at the carb and drain about a cup or more into a container. Do this with both the Main and Reserve settings.. There should be no difference at all in flow. Fuel should come out of both in a thick, solid stream. If it trickles out or you see breaks in the flow, add gasoline (!) and/or clean the tank/filters/lines.

Re: motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfir

i added fuel to the tank immediately after getting home from school and i was testing off the main fuel setting, not the reserve. I'll check it out though, thanks. Anything else i should check?

Re: motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfir

In my experience bikes have problems because something changed recently. You would be the best person to ask as far as what else should be checked because you know the history of the bike better than anyone and you have access to it.

All i can do is guess.. Try a new sparkplug? check the ignition timing? Accidently find the problem?

Or maybe save time and effort and narrow down the possibilities with some intelligent detective work.

Re: motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfir

i guess i fixed it, i emptied out some fuel from both reserve and the main tank and after that it fired right up and went!?!

i also drained all gas, cleaned petcock, which looked fine, and added new gas, it runs great! thanks for your help joew

Re: motobecane problems top speed/bogging/baackfir

holy crap!

well.. i'm in shock and don't know what to say except 'yer welcomed'.

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