Removing drive sprocket

Began to change drive sprocket from 14 to 18 toothed on Puch E50. Looked simple enough: Remove circlip, yank part, reverse order. Got outside circlip off, but the sprocket did not release. Do I need a pulley to remove it? Do I need to remove the rear circlip also? Can I do this and replace the clips without a special tool or do I need to get something like a snap ring pliers? Any quick hints?

Re: Removing drive sprocket

See Ya Moped Army /

The sprocket should pull off without a puller. Due to rust and corrosion, they can be a bit tough to pull off. Spray it real well with WD-40 and start working it off.

A snap ring plier would make the job of removing and installing circlips a lot easier. It will also keep you from distorting the clip.

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