garelli runs strong then dies suddenly

Cole Todorovich /

my moped will start and run strong for about a mile or so then suddenly it will die and not want to start for a couple tries. i don't know whats wrong, i can't tell if its the carb or electrical ( has a new sparkplug). i bought this moped recentlly and its never run correctly. the previous owner thought it was the coil? any ideas please help?



Re: garelli runs strong then dies suddenly

check that the gas cap is venting proper like(ride with the cap off or loose) could be that the float is sticking not giving it the proper fuel flow.

Re: garelli runs strong then dies suddenly

If it runs strong for a mile and it restarts after a couple tries, i wouldn't suspect electrical problems. More likely is it is running out of fuel. One indication would be that the engine surges just before it dies.

Take it for a ride (Bring some tools). Make it die.

Immediately shut off the petcock so no fuel can flow into the carb.

Remove the carb or the float bowl and see if there's any fuel in the bowl.

If fuel level in the bowl is low, go home and clean out the entire fuel path from the vent in the gas cap down to and including the carb.

Remove the fuel hose from the carb and turn on the petcock. Good fuel flow means a steady, thick stream of fuel exits that hose .. anything less can give symptoms of running out of fuel.

The float bowl should be full of fuel under all riding conditions.

Re: garelli runs strong then dies suddenly

Leon Swarmer /

Forget the Garelli Fire up that 356 in the background...(DDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL)


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