The Hampster Express

Hey there again from Tranzformer. Ok, the latest thing that has me up at night is this strange knocking sound seeming to come from the engine. The only new things I have subjected the Kinetic TFRUSA to now is I did go ahead and up the octane to 89 for the first time and perhaps put a bit too much oil in the tank, maybe half a cup to a little over a gallon. The thing that has me worried about that is the oil was a pretty shady brand I bought on the way to my lil' homies house from a gas station that looks right out of a "Dukes Of Hazzard" set, complete with tobacco chewing mechanic and an ole' low to the ground hound named Chigger. Now, I grew up going to this place to get candy when I was a kid and beer when I hit the age of 13, but the oil("ooH-lh") was suspect at best, so, any thoughts on this? AND, I also took out the spark plug and cleaned it the best I could, just to see what would happen or blow up, and I think this might have contributed to the problem. When I am cruising, if I let off the gas all the way, I hear a distinct knock, like one of those icky American cars, like the K car did when you shut it off. The knocking is not really rhythmic, and goes away when I give lil' smokey some more gas. It has also cut out a few times, and would go back on when I turned the reserve tank on. I have 1100 miles on it so far, it had 862 when I got it. SOOOOOOOOO, what's up? What am I doing wrong? Thanks y'all for yer help earlier! TLE

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i wouldn't worry about the oil quality .. but using too much oil can lean the air-fuel mixture and that can cause pinging. (oil takes the place of fuel in the mixture .. less fuel with the same amount of air means a leaner air/fuel mix.)

"When I am cruising, if I let off the gas all the way, I hear a distinct knock"

Since you hear the knock with the throttle closed and you are slowing down, i dont think this is a case of pre-ignition or pinging..

First see if it has something to do with the chain/sprockets or belt drive or brakes or wheels or whatever.. Go through everything and adjust everything properly. Tighten all bolts including the engine mounting bolts.

If a metalic knock is definately coming from the engine block, you may have gear or bearing troubles .. But eliminate every other possible source of the noise before you go there..

If removing and replacing the spark plug actually had some effect, this could be a clue. Is that spark plug too long? Did you just pull one out of the car and stick it in the moped or is it the right one? Is the top of the piston hitting it?

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Edward Marcum /

Thanx Joew. Well, I didn't actually replace the plug, only took it out and cleaned it, sorry if I was vague about that bit. I asked "Square Deal Jimmy" about what it might be, and he thinks it might be hitting the top of the plug as well. AND, I am hoping beyond hope that it might be the oil/gas mixture, as I pretty much dumped some of the shady oil in without really looking at the mix. I was holding a Zo bag full of 211 Steel Reserve fat boys and was in a hurry to get to my friends trailer park 'fore it got dark, cuz' his TP is worse than the one in the Eminem movie, youbetcha, and if a person went through there on a ped when it was dark, well, you would be lucky to only get one of those half inflated basketballs or footballs that seem to grow in the front yards of TPs in the south like some sort of horrible dirty vegtables thrown at your head. Ok, thanks again matey! TranzTrailerParkExpress

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On the topic of trailer parks there is a wicked funny show on BBC america callled "Trailer Park Boys" Bout a couple of guys growin Weed in an old airstream and avoiding the trailerpark owner. Really funny

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Oh yeah and out of curisoity is your schools fight song Duleing banjos?

When you speak of your cousin do you accidently referr to her as your girlfriend?

Do you hang beer cans+bottles on your criatmas tree for oniments?

Do you have a Camero up on blocks on your driveway?

Have your parents lost track of your siblings so they named you guys

When you count past 20 do you ask someone to take thier shoes off?

Do you ride a lawnmower to school and call it your "Chick Magnet"

Do you have a mullett?

Is your faverote show Dukes of Hazard?

Have you shot a sibling with a BB gun?

Do you think of Opossum as a delicacy?

Do you listin to Def Lepord?

Is your middle name "Buthead" or "Beavis"?

Were you bottle fed Jack Dainels when you were a baby?

Do people call you a nicompoop and you think its a french pastery?

Thats all i got for now

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Timmy Southpark /

its spelled camaro! and those are beautiful cars!!

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Leon Swarmer /

err was it two stroke oil???


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"Oh yeah and out of curisoity is your schools fight song Duleing banjos?"


i see thay teech gud speeling in ur skool.

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Edward Marcum /

That show makes me pee myself. I can't really figger out if I'm the guy who always has a drink in his hand and has the pistol and always pulls it out, every show, or the guy who is in "Level 10", with the great sideburns and the car with no doors. My homie Scott is WITHOUT QUESTION Bubbles, he even looks like him and he goes along with everything I propose and is always worried somthing is wrong with the trailer he lives in.

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Edward Marcum /


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Edward Marcum /

My dad always had either an MGB, Fiat or VW beetle up on blocks growing up....but he hid them in the back yard, so I guess I am what you call "Euro-White Trash" background. I mean...I am, aren't I? I need an new identity! TTE

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Edward Marcum /

Yeah, at least that's what it SAID on the "label". The label was one like you find on Mason jars that say "Aunt Mabels Peach Preserves" at the farmers market on Sunday mornings, or the "Royal Gate" vodka bottle I used to get in San Francisco: you look at the label, tell yourself "Ok, it says preserves/vodka, I'll just take it as face value and pretend it's high class/not spoiled peaches and filled with pesticide residue, be a trooper and carry on". The label where it looks like it was designed with Microsoft Paint and printed on a dot-matrix printer, one of them jobs. I emptied the tank out last night and am going to start over new, as well as back the spark plug off a hair and see what happens. BTW, I am going to have to sell it before New Years, moving to Prague, if anyone you know in the Baltimore-DC area needs good wheels, let me know. I'll just sell it for what I paid, $200. Sigh, another great relationship broken apart.....

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i wrote that in a little over 5 minutes.

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