mMotobecane 51? electrical oddities and problems

Hi guys,

I have a Motobecane 51 in australia that has a compliance plate dated 1981.

I have some voltage problems with the lights,

mainly the turn indicators which seem to be factory fitted.

Trying to find the problem has led me to find some interesting things.

have removed the magneto cover to find it only has two coils even though it seems to be a 12v system.

It also had an electronic voltage regulator originally fitted which has been butchered and removed by the previovs owners attempted repairs.

the wiring seems to match the 6v cct diagrams I have found for the 50 series bikes except the turn signal system.

It has no zener fitted .

the coils fitted are novi brand and part numbers 123230 and 127310.

Does anyone out there have a cct diagram for this type or know if the coils are 6 or 12v items.

any help appreciated..

Re: mMotobecane 51? electrical oddities and proble

Your bike probably uses 12v for lighting, but 6v for ignition. That is what they mean by 12vv system or 6v system. I think all 50vs use a 12v/6v combo for lighting. What kind of problems are you having exactly?

Re: mMotobecane 51? electrical oddities and proble

Peter Hancock /

Hi Bret,

thanks for your prompt reply.

the main problem is the bike doesnt generate enough voltage to run the indicators and brake light cct.

the headlight,tail light and ignition seem to run fine off the other magneto coil..

the bike also seemed to have an electronic device fitted,but was removed by previous owner and left unrepaired.

I had a thought that maybe it was a flasher unit fore the indicators,not a regulator as first thought..


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