compression check help

i have a jawa x-30 and when i removed the head i noticed their was no head gasket so i made one and i have 125psi of compression is that good i hope it is cause my motor used to start untill i found it was leacking compression through the side of the cylinder head i could see the exhaust coming out so i made my gasket out of beer cans and gasket maker rvt which is very good againts heat so would 125 be enough for my ening to run with out leacking and how would i be albe to know if i am still leacking compression also does any know how many turns i should turn the needles on the carb?

Re: compression check help

Don Pflueger /

125 is ok, but if it didnt have a gasket to start with, then it doesnt need one. it probably just needed to be torqued unless the head was warped. adding a gasket will drop your compression.

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