Suzuki FA50 Kick Starter

I'm having a problem with my FA50 kick starter: It does not seem to engage inside the case to turn over the engine. The lever functions properly and springs back fine, but there is not any engine turnover function. I'm going to pull off the case side this weekend to check it out. A couple of things...

Is there anything to watch out for when I'm pulling the case off.. like things falling out etc.? Anything spring loaded in the starter mechanism other than the lever itself? Can most of these repairs be done with the case/motor on the bike?

Also, assuming I get it fixed , what is the preferred fluid to refill the case and and to what level below the filler plug?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


Re: Suzuki FA50 Kick Starter

10-40 motor oil for the inside of it, umm, i had the same problem, i took it appart and took out a spring in it, put it back together and it works perfectly.

Re: Suzuki FA50 Kick Starter

Check the cable adjustment on the rear brake. There is a lever the cable passes through that must come forward enough to make the kickstart engage. The rear brake lever must be squeezed to kick it. Saftey issue I guess. All that power, you would not want it to run out from underneath you!!

Re: Suzuki FA50 Kick Starter

Thanks to Steve B and Zach!

It was the brake interlock lever on the case. The cable had become too loose to pull it through the full range to engage the starter. Tightened cable and added some oil and it's running fine!

Thanks Again!!!


Re: Suzuki FA50 Kick Starter

Manual says 20w40 oil for transmission, but it's not as easy to find.

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