Need help w/ restoration project

Please help w/ any info you might have on a 1977 Sparta Buddy w/ Sachs engine that I took on as a project for my uncle. The bike has been in his shed for 5 yrs but ran OK before he put it up. Naturally, now it wont run and is in need of several cables at the very least. I will need to know where to get parts and if those parts are the same as the more common mfg. names. Any help will be appreciated.

Re: Need help w/ restoration project

Don Pflueger /

moped ware house can get the cables. chris should also haveany engine parts you need to. if the bike has been stored in a shed, a good penetrating oil should free the cables up and they should work fine. there should be a sachs service manual on the site under moped repair.

Re: Need help w/ restoration project

Michael Nesson /

I have a sparta (1979)sport. I have gotten parts from the Moped Chris has been very helpful! They are located in N.J.

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