Transmission fluid

Time to change the fluid in my Maxi. It uses type 'F'. Anyone recommended a particular product?

Re: Transmission fluid

is this a one speed you have? I was curious as to what atf the 1 and 2 speeds use. thanks.

Re: Transmission fluid

It's for a 2-speed.

Re: Transmission fluid

Pretty sure they all use type F, i think you might be able to put dex3 in them in a pinch but i'm not sure. Mineral ATF is pretty much all the same, i run casterol but it doesnt really matter.

Re: Transmission fluid

Yeah, type F. I never bought ATF before (I drive cars with manual transmissions or automatics that can't be serviced by the owner, uggh) - didn't realize this type was that common.

Changed the fluid on the Maxi today. Seems to run a bit better.

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