MI Motobecane Mechanics?

I need to have some work done on my 1978 Motobecane over the winter season (would like my moped running well by April). I live in SW Michigan. Anyone interested??

Re: MI Motobecane Mechanics?

Well, I just have to say that there are not a hell of a lot of moby mechanics out there. READ FREDS GUIDE, download the shop manual from mopedriders.org, and search the moped repair forum for moby stuff. Even if someone helps you get it running, it won't be running very long if you can't fix it yourself.

Re: MI Motobecane Mechanics?

It depends on what's wrong with it.

If it's not serious stuff, than anyone who knows mopeds can help you out.

But the man to talk to is Bret of the Decepticons. He knows everything about motobecanes. Venture down to Kzoo and look him up.

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