Help on a '75 Puch Maxi-S custom

I got a big problem on my Maxi, first off the decompressor valve doesn't open all the way due to the slack in the cord. 2nd of all the engine takes forever to accelerator, and you can imagine my concern when that black SUV is crawling up my ass! I have a feeling that there's to much slack with the throttle cable as the max i can reach right now is 33mph, the manual says that max speed is 48mph and i'm wondering where i'm losing the power. Any suggestions?

Re: Help on a '75 Puch Maxi-S custom

The manual probably says 48Kmh, which is approx 30mph, there is no decopression lever, unless you have some bike I have never heard of, there is a starter clutch lever, and that can be adjusted tighter on one or two speed bikes.

There are several things that could be wrong with the bike, check out freds guide in the resources section above, it should help you out, but a couple things could be carbon build-up, or it needs new rings

Re: Help on a '75 Puch Maxi-S custom

Ja'Far Rogers /

I checked the rings and they're fine, i inspected it further late last night and discovered that the muffler needs to be decarbonized. Also the spark plug is now dead :(.

Re: Help on a '75 Puch Maxi-S custom


if you are doing 33 on a stock maxi its probably running fine, if you need more speed than that kit it or get a motorcycle (blasphemy)

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