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Hey everyone!!! I'm a newby as far as this whole moped thing goes, and I could use some help...

I just own a 1978 vespa piaggio grande, and I need some repair help. The local scooter mechanic said he didn't have the right flywheel puller to change my points/condesers. Would this be hard to do by myself if given the right tools? Also, I am in desparate need for new tires/wheels... The front tire is brand new, but now balanced... therefore, I have the bumpiest and most dangerous ride possible... and it must impossible to find a rear tire for this bike, because I've tried and tried. If there is a moped god out there reading this, please help me out.

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Akron mopeds has tons of spare grandes that you get the parts from. As far as changing the points and condensers, if you have the right tools and are mechanically competent, you can do it. It is hard though. But you want a flywheel puller. It makes things a hell of a lot easier.

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You do not need a flywheel puller for the Grande. Put some gloves on and whack it with a mallet a little bit. Seriously, it works. Mind the will pinch the crap out of your fingers on the metal fan blades if you don't wear them. The hardest part about the whole thing is dropping the engine (you have to take off the front pulley, exhaust, probably carb, wires, bottom plate...i think that's it.

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I've never had any luck with a mallet. A puller is just sooooo much easier. That and I'm afraid I'll warp the flywheel.

Dropping the engine is the worst though. Well, actually putting the engine back on is the worst.

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Michael Miehle /

I have rebuilt four vespa engines and everytime I just roll the engine over on it's side to get a little help from gravity and the come right out. it's being held in by the magnet not by pressure on the shaft. One time I had to give one a wack with rubber mallet but I probably should have rotated the engine. Give gravity a try. Is the engine out of the bike?

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You can remove the flywheel without a puller but be sure and use a RUBBER mallet and wear gloves when you wiggle the flywheel off the shaft.

I have points and condensers for sale. The Turn signal model has a different condenser so please specify if your Grande has turn signals.

Your front tire may just need to be reseated.

Email me if you need parts. I can probably get a you a puller if you really want one.

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