pedal chain jumping off

Moped = 1978 Motto Guzzi Robin

Issue = Recently replaced the rear innertube and now with the rear wheel back on the pedal chain skips off the rear sprocket when I start the bike and when I try to pedal it under way. It does not come ALL the way off, but it does skip. When I line up the rear sprocket, the tensioner, and the front sprocket they do seem to be out of alingment. I did nothing more than take the wheel off, leave it in my trunk for about a month while I waited for the innertube to come in, and then put the wheel back on. Any ideas?

Re: pedal chain jumping off

Mike McScoutington /

what is the condition of your freewheel. can you turn the sprocket freely? mine got bound up and would throw my chain off. it felt like someone was punchinf my feet when i road and then the chain would pop off.

Re: pedal chain jumping off

No, nothing like that. I rode it yesterday and it rides fine and the chains stay on. The freewheel, I think, spins okay until I pull back on the axle, tightening the drive chain, too much and then the wheel won't spin (the brake line is off also). At that point the pedal chain is still too loose it seems. It stays on but skips when I engage the clutch to start, and when I pedal under way. I know it's the chain because I can see it skip off the sprocket and then jump back on.

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