QT50 Flywheel puller

Anyone know where I can get one? I went to the yamahar dealership in town and they did everything but openly mock me.

I tried one of those huge flwheel pullers that they loan you at NAPA, but it was a little... too huge. Namely, the grabber tongs wouldn't fit into the holes.

Then I got one a small gear puller which did fit into the holes, but it doesn't seem to be coming off. I already got the bolt off with my impact wrench, but the flywheel remains stubbornly stuck.

I'm assuming that you can just pull it straight off. You don't need to unscrew it again... do you?

Thanks in advance.


Re: QT50 Flywheel puller

Bill Switzer /


Re: QT50 Flywheel puller

Dave Peterson /

I used a small bearing puller that had three arms. Sometimes you have to wrap on the end of the puller shaft with a hammer to loosen a flywheel. Apply some more pressure and wrap on it again. It should come off. I tried my local Yamaha dealer and they were not any help. Good luck, Skipjaz

Re: QT50 Flywheel puller

Thanks for the link Bill.

And Jaz, did it just pull straight off or was it threaded on there somehow?

Re: QT50 Flywheel puller

Dave Peterson /

It pulled straight off. It is keyed. The only thing that is treaded,is the nut holding the flywheel. Skipjaz

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