Tomos Turn Signals

Hey everyone...

I'm fixing up my tomos targa to be sold, and I need some new blinkers. Not the bulbs, the actual black part and the covering of the bulb. I've looked on the internet, but I don't know exactly what to search for to find them. Where can I get them?

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

John Joedicke /

Find them at Ike's, the Junkyard, Mopedwarehouse and just about anywhere where peds are sold.

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

hey I have a set that I willl sell you.

all 4 with everything in perfect condition. 30 bucks. they have flexible shafts.

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

Sorry ryan, I think i'm gonna just buy off the internet this time, they've never done me wrong - but i've had some bad experiences otherwise.

Anyway - I still am having trouble finding the actual turn signal. If anyone has the time to look for me, that would be great, or at least tell me what to search. Thanks...

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

just like double said the have them on, just listen to peoples responses...most people on here know what they are talking about

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

c'mon man I have PERFECT ones. ask around I do good business. ask james and some other kid bought a side panel from me I'm trustworthy.

Re: Tomos Turn Signals

by the way they sell them everywhere for 21 bucks........a peice. so have fun with that 80 dollar price as opposed to like 30.

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