whats wrong with old blue?

i went to start my 77 maxi 70cc ,it is a push start so when i tried to start it seemed as though the motor was locked up(back tire wouldn't rotate). so i took out the plug and tried to push start it . the motor started to rotate(lots of fuel coming out of the spark plug hole .to me it almost seemed too be too much) so i put the plug in and tried it . it started after pushing for about 15 seconds.it ran fine for a few min,when i stopped after driving for a min i noticed alot of fuel coming out from the exhaust .after letting it run for a bit more i quit leaking from the exhaust but now it sounds like its starving for gas.i rode it a couple of days ago and it seemed fine.

Re: whats wrong with old blue?

check yourcaberator, and check your choke, make sure your piston rings ar enot worn down, if theres fuel pooring from the spark plug hole, theres to much gas getting in there, and it will flood the engine, if its running fine and not stalling out, then its not starving for gas, how and why would you think its not getting enough gas? describe why you think that, and the problem its having thats causeing you to come up with this theory, check your rings first,


Re: whats wrong with old blue?

Leon Swarmer /

You shouldn't be able to see fuel coming out the spark plug hole ever.

I'm better your float valve has stuck open and it is dumping fuel continually.


Re: whats wrong with old blue?

yep, clean that carb ..... if theres fuel in you spark plug hole, the fuel will not combust properly, my whole moped wouldnt start because of the float in the carb, so check that out.

Re: whats wrong with old blue?

if the float sticks could that flow directley to the exhaust because it was dumping out of my pipe. when i did get it started.then it seemed to blow it all out.and then it ran better for a bit.but then it started to bog down or choke itself out.i will clean the carb tommorrow and let you know

Re: whats wrong with old blue?

wait! mak sure the fuel petcock is not on PRI!!! if you notice, pri dumps fuel into your carb to fill it up, if you have it on when the engines running it will dump fuel into any place it can, make sure its switched to the on position.

Re: whats wrong with old blue?

Jason Luther /

if the float is stuck it just keep letting gas into the carb, which overflows into the motor, which overflows into the exhaust. it was hard to kick over because the motor was full of gas. your lucky if you didnt blow a seal. there is a little drain screw on the underside of the crankcase. itl looks just like the trans drain screw, except its under the crankcase. you can open that up and drain any gas that fills the crankcase.-jason

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