garelli plug

i just p[ick up a new moped and im repairing it..the pulg it has is a bosch platinum wr9dpx

i thoight this was a car plug but the guy said it was running like2 moinths ago with it in it? what can i replace this with ?

Re: garelli plug

i have a 79 garelli supersport xl and i just went and had the correct plug put into mine. ngk b7hs. hey, if you know much about these garelli things or if you have a repair manual is there any chance of getting you to feed me some info here. ive never worked on a garelli before and i do not know how to check the oil in the transfer case or anything. any info, or exploded parts diagrams you might have would rock. thanks

Lon the slo guy, california

Re: garelli plug

yea i figured it out finally i got a B6 but alas, i have no info in it

Re: garelli plug

John Joedicke /

Moped Riders site for a manual

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