Motobecane flywheel removal?

How do you remove the flywheel on a motobecane with the driver socket hole in the mddle? There are no holes for a flywheel puller Dont want to screw it up.

Thanks Harry

Re: Motobecane flywheel removal?

3/8" socket. REVERSE THREAD. you or A previous owners may have tightened that thing up like the dickens trying to remove it. It may be super stuck. If so spray some penetrating oil all around the edge of the cap. put a pipe around the ratchet handel, and force it while someone holds the rachet firmly in the flywheel cap whole. If that does not work, heat it up with a torch, and try again.

Re: Motobecane flywheel removal?

Good advice, Dan.

An impact wrench - hand, electric or air might also help.

Normally to break a nut (bolt) loose you want a fast, hard shot rather than a continuous pressure.

Re: Motobecane flywheel removal?

Yeah, but don't use the impact to put it back on. I have stripped crankshafts before, 2, to be exact.

Re: Motobecane flywheel removal?

ya, this thing is mine that harry is talking about. someone stripped the hole in the flywheel, so they filled it in with jbweld or something and make a square hole in it for a socket wrench. so does that like 2" circle in the middle that's over the flywheel unscrew, and then you can pull the flywheel off?

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