Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone?

So I get to where i'm going today, turn off my engine and when I go to roll the bike forward it locks up on me. The tire would spin then catch on one rotation, go past that spot with friction, then spin one rotation, then friction, and on and on. Seemed like it was in the tranny so I drained the fluid right away. It seemed to be pink swirled with some brownish nastiness (I'd just changed it 5 days ago). Put new fluid in and just pushed the thing around for a minute and things freed up and I was on my way. It was, and still is slightly jerky at low speed. I high speed I might hear alittle grinding, but it's hard to tell.

Is it tranny rebuilding time?

Re: Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone

maybe, could be some junk messed up in it, just make sure you know where everything goes.

Re: Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone

I would look at my post "rebuilding a35" and look at the pictures I posted. This is the same thing we ran into on the a35 tomos my brother bought. I would tear it down and look at it for sure if it is making noise, stuff aint cheap in there thats all I can say. We are ready to assemble should have my parts from ike on friday.:) If you do open it up watch for the shim and the spacer washer that come off the crank end. Might want to check the 1st gear bushing and the clutch hub bushing and one way bearing. I show them in my post "rebuilding a35".

Re: Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone

Don Pflueger /

what type of fluid did you use when you changed it the first time? the brown stuff may have been some of your old fluid that was mixed in with the new. or it may be clutch material if you used the wrong fluid.

Re: Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone

yes I was thinking maybe it was clutch cork. that would be bad.

Re: Tomos 00' locked up on me..seems jerky..anyone

I used dexron III, Everyone seemed to agree that was good. I did figure out a huge part of the problem...ya'll gonna luv this. It's seems on of my lug bolts on the back tire wiggled free and the nut and washer on the other side ended up inside the brake chamber. Well that's why my brake cable snapped when I hit a bump one day. It ground some shit up in there...but everything is back together and rock solid now.

As far as the jerkiness it's still slight, but there. I'm still riding it ten miles back and forth to work though...and it still rips along at a good even pace. I did, about two weeks ago, smash the pedal on a curb real hard; it bent the pedal back at a 45 degree angle. At the time I thought that might of messed some stuff up, but it just keep going. That's the one thing I like about this brakes down, I fix it on the side of the road, and I'm back on my way. Hondas, Kymco, all the others I've delt with recently you damn near need a full on car garage to work on them.

The real low down is that this is all new to me. I bought this ped off some heavy, bus driver lady in NC who had it leaned against her shed covered in lawn mower clippings and heavy grease. It's been alot of work and I appreciate everyones help...this Tomos needs it.

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