ok, im installing new rings on my 2000 targa lx which also has 11,310 miles on it. i know i need to hone my cylindar but dont know how. can anyone please tell me how to and in good detail because i dont want to mess it up. also what tools do i need?

Re: honing

you should probably take it to a moto/moped shop and have them do it, its easy to screw it up if you dont do it with the tools designed for it...

Re: honing

Jamie Robinson /

Go to your local small engine repair shop, (lawn mower repair) , and have them order you a cylinder hone. Tell them the size of your engine,more than likely 50c.c., and ask them to explain the procedure. It's not hard, you chuck the hone up on your drill and hone the cylinder in an up and down motion. This is a rough explanation of the procedure. Ask the mecanic at your local small engine repair shop for more detailed instructions on the procedure. If the mechanic doesn't seem interested in helping you, then go to another shop. The internet is great for finding information on fixing your moped's engine, but nothing beats a local, friendly , small engine repair mecanic. There is no reason you should have to pay to have this done if you think you have a little mechanical ability. It's not brain science.


Re: honing

Don Pflueger /

go to any auto parts store and buy a brake cylinder hone. put it in a drill and run the drill at a slow speed while moving the hone in and out of the cylinder quickly. you want the scuff marks to be on a 45 degree angle.

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