fuel leak - Maxi

First, what is that little primer button on the side of the carburetor called? It has a number in my Maxi service manual, but no name...

Second, I seem to have a fuel leak from that spot. Is that possible? Can it be fixed? I checked the hoses/clamps and they seem to be tight. Fuel is dripping from the very bottom of the float bowl (collecting there), but seems to be coming from above.

Could also be the banjo...wish I thought of that before it got dark.

Re: fuel leak - Maxi

Ben Van Zoest /

Sometimes called the 'tickler' button, used to fill the carb helps in starting too I found. Fuel should not go that high that it comes out the tickler shaft hole, likely problem the float is stuck down or float shutoff needle is not seated properly.

Re: fuel leak - Maxi

Thanks for the info. The culprit was a loose banjo - the leak is gone.

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