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Jamie Robinson /

Hey all, this is my first time posting! I just baught a Puch newport off ebay. He told me it was a 1971, but I cant be sure as there is no model plate. (kind of fishy) Any way, I want to completely restore this moped. It is in pretty good cosmetic shape, it does not run. Here is a list of the things I would like to replace- cables(all), tires,brakes, piston, piston rings, cylinder, wheel bearings, rebuild carb, points, condenser, and plug wire. I want to repaint and re-chrome just about everything. Is there anything else I should replace that I didn't mention? I want this thing to be like new. Also, where do I start! If there is anyone who could walk me through the steps of a moped restoration, it would be greatly appreciated. I have a Haynes Puch service manual on the way.



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See Ya Moped Army /

That bike was not a 1971. It was more like an '81. There should be a VIN tag on the fram which will have the correct year of manufacture.

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Leon Swarmer /

Plan on new fuel lines also, add filters, plan on spending a while cleaning up the inside of the gas tanks.

see fred's guide

Have you ridden a ped before? You are talking an awful amount of time and money on an older ped you haven't ridden? I'd clean it and get it running as is before I"d talk about rechroming, etc.


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Steve Murphy /

Sorry to do this to you, and I'm not trying to be a jerk, but it's sticker shock time:

(These are ballpark prices and don't include shipping, you might find better deals, but maybe not)

Brake cables (F+R): $25

speedo cable:$15

Throttle cable:$15


Brake shoes: $35

Points/condenser: $25

Wheel bearings: $35

Piston/rings/cylinder $150 (stock size)

Plug wire $5

OK, you're at $355.

Not scared yet? OK..

You forgot:

Chain: $15

Fuel line/filter: $5

Spark plug: $5

ATF: $5

Gaskets: $20

Now $405...

Other things that you'll probably need:

Light bulbs: $10

Replacement switches: $30



Seat: $25

Pedals: $10

Grips: $10


And now paint and chrome (chrome plating is not cheap, especially wheels!)... $???

I guess my point is to not go in over your head all at once. Find out if you can register the bike first, then get it running, then go from there.

Most important thing is to have fun working on it and riding it!

Re: Moped restoration

yes by the way I got an estimate for rechroming a set of fenders. he said 150 dollars..........a peice.

Re: Moped restoration

Jamie Robinson /

Yes, I have ridden a moped before. I baught an old jawa when I was about 13, I kept it running for about a year, until the threads in the cylinder head (spark plug) got stripped. Before I had a chance to install a helical thread insert, my mom threw it away while I was in school. Since then I have owned a few enduro style dirtbikes, none of which were newer than 1980, and a honda 550 four-k road bike. So as you can imagine, I have had my fare share of 2-cycle tinkering. I bought this ped as a restoration project, I love making old things seem like brand new. I figure I will spend about $700 or so on this project. My brother owns a body shop, so that takes care of the paint. My friend works in a machine shop, so that will help with screws and what nots. The chrome is what worries me, I will probobly buy some mag wheels opposed to chroming the existing spoked wheels. I will probobly get it running before I tear it down, I need to test the gear box and clutch. I will definantly replace the fuel line, and put one of those cool see thru inline filters on. Thanks for the help, and concern, I imagine a lot of people jump into projects not realizing the time and money it will take. This should be a fun project!

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Jamie Robinson /

There is no vin tag on this moped. Makes you wonder if it was stolen at one time or another. Good thing it's only going to be a campground cruiser. Is there a way to find the year without the vin tag? By the number on the carb I was able to determine that it is either a newport or a sport mkII. Judging by the decals, I'm pretty shure it is a Newport. Which still leaves one question, Newport or Newport II? Any help will be apreciated. Thanks!

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Jamie Robinson /

Your not being a jerk! This is something anyone thinking of doing a restoration project should consider. I think your numbers are a bit conservative really, I was thinking $700 or more. I would rather restor an old moped than go to the store and buy one, where's the fun in that! Your right about the chrome. I will probobly buy some newer mag wheels rather than chrome the spokes. From what I hear the bearings are better in the newer mags.

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Steve Murphy /


Money's not an issue if you do it for the entertainment value. Your budget's pretty reasonable, you should be able to build a really nice bike for that, especially if you can get a break on the paint and stuff.

OK on the wheels. I really haven't had a problem with bearings in either style wheel, except for one bike that was stored outdoors. The mags do clean up nice, though. Even a really rough wheel can be made to look new again with a few hours work.

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Newport or Newport II? The II is a two speed version of the Newport. The engines are notorious for going bad fast. See the picture I attached to determine what yours is.

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