i dont know why but the lights keep burning out on my honda express it runs a 6v system i just replaced the battery and when i use a volt meter to check the volt coming out for the bulbs i see that at idle its putting out like 9v and when i get higher rpms it goes to like 15v or some shit what the fuck am i missing like a voltage regulator or some shit i cant find one on my ped but i dont know if im suppose to have one and if i do what to get PLEASE HELP


Jonas Quimby /

Make sure that your battery is both fully charged (charge it with a 6 volt battery charger) and tightly connected.

If the battery is dead or disconnected, then the bulb will get too much power and fry.


Don Pflueger /

you have a bad voltage regulator. go to www.network54.com, and from there look up the expressly mopeds forum and those guys may have a regulator to fit your bike. another good parts source is www.partsfish.com.

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