Bent Forks

I'm thinking of buying an old tomos sprint (I believe) off my friend for $50. The catch is it was wrecked and the bottom part of the forks are bent. It's hard to explain over the internet. The shock part (which is silver if that helps) is the bent part, the frame its self is fine.

Now the question... Is it possible to just buy the replacement shock part or will I have to buy a whole new fork assembly?

Also, Is there any place that sells wiring kits for these old tomos'?

Any help much appreciated,


Re: Bent Forks

Post on the buy sell forum. You never know what someone will have. Also check eBay of course. But do not give up looking for what you need. I just finished parting out a bike that I could have saved if I had the right parts. The sad part is I saw the parts that I needed sell for less than $20.00 not long after I sold the engine.

Live and learn.

Re: Bent Forks

Angelo Massimino /

I've parted out an old Tomos moped. I believe the front fork is in good working order.

If you take interest, please reply by e-mail

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