Honda PA50 Belt

Does anyone have a source for a drive belt for a Honda PA50II. For part number 23100-148-703 Honda wants $78.00

I tried calling the OEM (Mitsuboshi) but they said that it was an OEM part and they could not sell it.

It looks to be special. It measures just shy of 14mm wide

and all standard metric belts are 13mm and us belts are 1/2"

or 12.5mm.

Am I screwed?

Re: Honda PA50 Belt

Keep looking..they are common...if you don't have any luck, I have a good used one I will give you a deal on...good luck..

Re: Honda PA50 Belt

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

check hardware stores that sell lawnmower belts. i got a drive belt for my motobecane at one for like $6. you may well find one that is very close and you can make work.

Re: Honda PA50 Belt

Yeah, also check Auto Parts stores near where you are.




should all have "fractional HP" belts (aka - fan belts).

One of them will probably work - and they are probably about $5-$6 each.

Good luck on your quest!

Re: Honda PA50 Belt

Don Pflueger /

try most automotive and lawn and garden belts are only 3 or 5 cord belts. being a drive belt, i'm willing to bet its an 8 cord. goodyear has a great selection of odd sized belts. there are also hundreds of aftermarket belt manufacturers out there to that will make whatever size you need. there was one in willoughby ohio i used to buy nla belts from, but they changed hands about two years ago and i dont know their new name. but their old name was melmak, on industrial parkway in willoughby ohio, 44094. just in case you want to try to find the new business.

Re: Honda PA50 Belt

Silverfox Sullivan /

A standard U.S. belt is too narrow.

Am I forced to pay Honda $78.00?

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